Electrical Safety

APEL is focused at providing safe access to every working at height application. Therefore our mast climbers are equipped with lot of electrical safety devices to enhance the overall safety of the manpower. It has limit switches to restrict the platform movement once it reaches top and bottom final position. Emergency stop button can be used to stop the platform in case of emergency situation.

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MCWP Switches

Functional & final limit switches on the top and bottom end of the mast

  • Up and down limit cams are located at the top and bottom of the mast and act on the normal limit switches located on the work platform. These provide safe and automatic stopping at the normal terminal positions of the platform.
  • Additional protection is provided by means of a final limit switch with its cams located a minimum prescribed distance above and below the functional limit positions. Activation of this switch removes power to the platform should some fault occur with the normal switches.
MCWP Inductive Mast Dectector

Inductive mast detector

  • To further enhance the safety, there is a mast detector sensor located on the platform. When the platform reaches its top position, the sensor will detect that there is no mast connected so the platform will automatically stop to prevent its further movement.
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Residual Current Device

  • RCDs are protective devices used in MCWPs. They are designed to quickly break electrical circuits, and this prevents the user of the device from any serious harm as a result of an electrical shock.

Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

  • A 63A External MCB in a Distribution Board along with the machine to protect from electrical power leakage or any unfortunate electrical accidents.
Stop Button

Emergency Stop

  • Emergency stop buttons are on the remote control and on the platform electric box


  • The horn on the mast climber platform can be used as a warning signal or to call for help. The horn sounds when the horn button on the platform electric box is pushed.

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