APEL Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) advantages over other traditional methods.

1) Get Precise Placement

If you're working on the outside of a building, then you have to set up your scaffolding platforms and work areas at the right heights. Your manpower should be in the right positions to work on any given area.

However, you can't always get precise positioning here. Sometimes, your workers might have to stretch up or down to work. They might not produce their best work if they aren't comfortable. In addition, they might also get cramps, aches, and fatigue if they can't work in natural positions.

You decide the placement of a mast climbing work platform (MCWP) for each part of the job. This means you get control over the platform's position more precisely, so your manpower can work comfortably at the right height.

2) Carry heavy loads

Regular scaffolds don't help you get materials, equipment, and machines up and down. If you do need to lift anything, you might have to set up a winch on the scaffold. However, you might struggle to carry heavier loads without jeopardizing the safety of the scaffolding or the load itself.
APEL MCWP is strong enough & can carry heavy loads.

3) Deal with ground space restrictions

You won't always have room to build a full scaffold against a building. The scaffold might restrict access at ground level. Or, it might not be safe to have a wide scaffold on the ground. APEL MCWP has a smaller footprint, which means you just need to find room for the masts on the ground. The platform can sit higher up, so it won't take up space you can't use.

Mast Climbing Work Platform