Mast Climbing Working Platform (MCWP) for Maintenance & Inspection of Flare Stack

Flare Stacks are the most important high rise gas combustion device found in Refineries , Petrochemical Plants, Chemical Plants and Offshore Exploration Platforms. Its main purpose is to burn waste gas especially Methane into carbon dioxide and water/steam.

Flare Stacks need periodic maintenance and its shutdown comes at a very huge cost its owners. The owners lose atleast “Tens of Crores on a Daily Basis” during the Shutdown of the Flare.

Flare stacks suffer significant deterioration due to the high temperatures, chemical aggressiveness of the gases they expel and unfavourable climate conditions. Therefore its maintenance becomes necessary because Facilities can lose millions when they have an unplanned shutdown.

A large majority of flares are designed with very high elevations to ensure that detrimental circumstances do not occur at ground level.

Safe & fast access to such a high rise structure is essential to carry out the maintenance activity.

APELs Mast Climbing Working Platform (MCWP), allows expert personnel to gain access to any part of the flare stack with great speed. This speed and versatility is the main advantage.

The following activities can be carried out safely:

      1. Overall condition assessment
      2. Structural painting & repair
      3. Flare tip replacement
      4. Ignition system maintenance & inspection
      5. Fuel line inspection & replacement
      6. Thermocouple cable replacement
      7. Anti-collision aviation light replacement
      8. Replacement of a portion of the ladder
      9. Landing platform replacement

We assure that all inspections and repairs are performed to the highest of standards and within budget & time constraints so that operations can remain on schedule.

Mast Climbing Working Platform