How Mast Climbing Work Platforms Make Your Project More Efficient

How APEL Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) Make Your Project More Efficient

One of the time-consuming activities on a construction site is the installation and dismantling of traditional scaffoldings which takes around 30-35days to set up and dismantle. Unfortunately project managers have to wait for such a long period of time before commencement of the actual work. Time for installation & dismantling is based on total height of the structures. More the height, more time it will consume to do so.

APEL Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) only takes 2-4 days for erection and 2-4 days for dismantling, Saves a significant amount of time that can be utilized in other productive activities.

Once the scaffolding is erected, now all the workers have to climb up by themselves using the scaffolding ladders. Climbing up using these ladders is time consuming and reason for fatigue problems in the worker. After every 15 to 20 steps they will feel tired and needing rest.

Mast climber platform moves up and down automatically. So it saves lot of time & energy of the workers as compared to the use of scaffolding.

Mast Climber Platform

Lifting of materials and tools while working on scaffolding becomes very difficult and unsafe. Many a times it has been noticed that due to a lack of lifting equipment, workers have to carry the heavy materials and climb up the ladders. More the height, more time it will consume to do so. APEL MCWPs are strong enough to carry heavy loads. More material and manpower can be lifted to the required height and No special arrangements are needed.

MCWPs are wide enough & it can cover the maximum facade of your structure so that workers can have access to the maximum area to work on.

The safety of manpower and material is increased significantly with the presence of mechanical and smart electronic systems which come together to build & complete a MCWP.

Thus the project can be completed before the deadline without compromising on safety.