Mast Climbers To Increase Safety While Working At Height

Mast Climbers To Increase Safety While Working At Height

Mast Climbing Working Platform

Falling from height may cause death or permanent disability. Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries.

Every construction and maintenance job that requires manpower to work at high elevation, there has to be a safe access solution so that they can safely perform their work.

Scaffoldings are one of the most commonly used techniques for providing access to tall structures. As the scaffoldings platform is fixed, workers have to climb the intermediate ladders to reach at different elevations. While climbing the scaffolding ladders the harness is not fixed to any point. This is one of the major reason of accident happens on the scaffoldings.

APEL’s Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) is the safest and most efficient solution for working at height jobs. It is an automatic lifting platform where manpower does not have to climb the scaffolding ladders. The worker is always attached to the Safety harness points that are located on the platforms. This provides 100% safety to the manpower working at height.

APEL is the industry leader in providing work at height solutions. We have worked with many industries and helped them reduce downtime and increase safety of manpower.

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