Mast Climbing Work Platform (MCWP) for Maintenance & Inspection of Crude Oil Tank

On-time maintenance and inspection of a crude oil tank is one of the critical tasks in the refinery to prevent any damages which will result in oil #leakage.

Lifting of manpower to carry out maintenance & Inspection work requires a safe and efficient working platform.

But due to the large diameter of the tank, using a traditional scaffold system will consume a significant amount of time for erection before the actual work can be started.

Choosing Mast Climbers for this application saves time & effort and increases the safety of manpower

APEL’s curved platform can be adjusted according to the shape of the tank irrespective of its diameter. Making it the most efficient solution for the Tank application.

The following activities can be carried out safely:

      1. Tank painting and plastering
      2. Tank shot blasting
      3. Tank insulation
      4. Sprinkler line replacement
      5. Wind girder repair & replacement
Mast Climbing Working Platforms